MiXt UP – Symphonized

Symphonized - Youth Music

In 2014 we embarked on a strong and valuable relationship with the Philharmonia Orchestra. Our First Project together was Symphonized.

In January 2017 we did it again and in January 2018 it will happen again!

The Philharmonia’s digital team have put this wonderful film together of the project.



In January 2017 we brought together Children from Lancaster School and Fullhurst Community college for a mashup of musical styles and genres. this was called Symphonize.

This combined the classical styles of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Hip hop and Dub telling the stories of a classical piece of music by the youth of today.

Soft Touch and the Philharmonia partnered up and giving the participants the skills to make their own version of the music.

The workshops took place intensively over the first week in January, Bringing together all the participants, and bringing them to the Soft Touch studio for a week of creativity.

The showcase for the event was at Leicesters New Walk Museum at 6pm on the Wednesday 11th January.

If you want to know more,

please contact Joe Crofton at Soft Touch on 01162552592 or Email joe @ Soft-touch.org.uk



From time to time we take on volunteers to help run our sMASHing pop-up cafe which sells quality sandwiches, soups and cakes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with new weekly menus.

Write, act, sing, design, direct, produce a comedy show with writer/performers Rob Gee, Kirsty Munro and Matt Hollins, and members of the Soft Touch team.