Abby Smith, JHMT Inspire Award Blog


Since purchasing the 10-18mm wide angle lens due to receiving the award I have been so happy at the variety of photos I can now get. With the lens I have caprtured shots for Soft Touch Arts events in New Parks, I have to photos of the lantern parade along New walk during the late summer, I just recently captured the diwali celebrations with it and much more. It is a excellent little addition that provides me with varying shots. Since receiving the award I have also at university been made head of photography for the magazine I am a part of after feeling I was suited for the role. It really has enabled me to progress and explore my area of work and I hope to keep adding more lens and equipment to my collection.

17th Oct, 2016

Funding towards my career

Previously I received funding towards a laptop and now have been successful again in gaining a £150 grant from Joe Humphries award and can only express how thankful I am to be given the grant. I have invested in a lens for my camera, that allows me to continue developing my skills and knowledge in the photography and media career path. I have recently invested in a website of my own which I am currently working on via the laptop funded and the website will share my work I produce through the equipment that has been given to me to enable me to carry on down this route. I have an event shoot this Saturday that I hope to use my new lens on, it will be for another young person organisation, Soft Touch Arts and I hope to keep you updated with a post of how it goes and the results I get.

8th Aug, 2016

Shoot of dance group

Recently I was invited to take photos of an oriental dance class, provided by Chaines dance company and try out moving photography for the first time. It was an exciting experience that allowed me to improve my photography knowledge and use the laptop I was awarded to play around in Photoshop to create decent quality photos and also blog as and share my work with the online community. The shoot has really been a great opportunity to increase my interest and confidence in the artistic forms that I am trying and come up with ideas for future careers as I step up to the challenges and work with the community and further my skills. It also provides material for me to keep blogging about my work.

I hope to attend more dance classes to improve on my last shoot, to which will lead to me taking photos of the dancers at the live event they plan to do in November.

29th Sep, 2015

Creative Happenings

Thanks to the JHMT awards I was giving the support needed to purchase, my very first laptop and one that provided the graphics and memory needed to store photos and use Adobe Photoshop. The laptop has come in handy so far to help start storing photos in one area and start producing new photos to share on social media hat have already gained interest and may have a potential buyer. If I can keep up this interest then I hope to create a website in which to present my work and blog about; I have a WordPress but wish to possess my own domain to make it more professional.

Here is some of the work I have done in Loughborough that was the first new shots to be stored and edited on the new laptop.

15th Jul, 2015