Modified: young people inspired by Mod Culture

Young people inspired by Mod Culture create the 'Modified' multi-media exhibition at Soft Touch Arts

Four groups of young people have been drawing inspiration from Mod Culture to create content for their own exhibition 'Modified' at Soft Touch Arts. This will run at the same time as the Mods: Shaping a Generation exhibition at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery.
Young people at New College in New Parks are producing Mod inspired tracks
Young people at Babington Academy in Beaumont Leys are producing a Mod inspired film
Students at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1 College are producing Mod inspired designs
Young people who attend Soft Touch Arts are creating their own Mod inspired fashion and are also working on the curation of the exhibition
The exhibition will be set up in the style of a 1960's coffee bar selling cakes inspired by 1960's cakes.
The exhibition opens on 13th April and runs until the end of June 2019.

To visit the Mods: Shaping a Generation website click here

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and BID Leicester

Huge thanks to National Lottery players.  Without their support this project would not be possible