Mixt Up Survey Results and interview

Number of completed questionnaires – 19

Kyles Story can be found here

Muzzys story can be found here

Why do you come and attend music workshops at Soft Touch?

Because guitar is my favourite

Came here to gain knowledge abour producing music and start my career.

Make music (7)

I love music

Because I want to become a rapper

Progress in music (3)

Come to an informed decision about my future

To have fun and stay out of trouble

Music is my passion and it’s a good opportunity for me

I can use the facilities for free (2(

It is very fun

I am trying to form a band (2)

I am working towards lives shows and researching buildings

I am interested in doing my own music project/demo

I like the vibe. I don’t have the software or a mac. I like networking, meeting people. I like the environment & the workers are helpful

It’s nice to go away knowing that I’ve made something

Giving me the chance to make tracks and make something new


Do you attend anywhere else? Is there anywhere else that offers this sort of facility and experience?


Yes (3) – college (2, comment: “it’s nothing quite like this”.), Stay Free (not free)

No 16

I also go to the Friday sessions (I of the girls)


What would make your experience even better, what aren’t we doing for you?

Live performance (4)

More experience and confidence on stage

More hours (3)

More days

More lights in studio

More rooms

You’re doing everything, I love it!

Everything’s fine/perfect (2)

Better headphones (2)

Nothing (2)

Open mics

Band workshops and help looking for band members

To have someone jamming with me

Help with creating drum tracks

More people coming in to help

Going to a mixed session


If you were to change one thing about the sessions what would it be?

More hours (10)

More days (3)

Nothing (5)

More events (1)

More computers

A small reading room for people who want to have a quiet time

Group activities


Apart from making music, how does coming to Soft Touch make you feel?

Makes me happy (6) “It is the highlight of my week”

I feel welcome and staff are super helpful (2)

Enjoy my time

Feel at home (2)

Improves my social abilities

Really good

Welcomed and a nice social environment


Good and cosy

Sociable (2)


Learn new things


Enjoy coming and doing something that I don’t get anywhere else

It’s enjoyable


Able to get out of the house

Gives me motivation

Met people to collaborate with – I made a music video, that wouldn’t have happened if I never came

Gain attention as a performer


Has coming to Soft Touch changed your outlook on the future?

Yes (18)


Made me think about getting into the music industries.

Made me know more about music

Yes in a positive way

Made me able to believe I could do music as my career

[Shown me] something different

I initially started coming to play live instruments and practice. Since then I’ve made friends with similar music interests like John, and we are starting a band. I want to perform now and save up for a home studio.

I would really like to form a band and do gigs

Yes, a lot

Yeah, 100%. It has opened my mind a lot more and motivated me to keep on going

The poential people see in me

Socialised more


Have you made friends

Yes (17)

No (1)

Not too sure


Is there anything else you would like to say?

Soft Touch Arts should carry on as it’s a great experience for youth.

Keep doing what you’re doing

I look forward to the future in Soft Touch

Keep it going

This project gives people hope