Mods: Shaping A Generation – Modified

Mods: Shaping a Generation

Mods: Shaping a Generation told the story of a 1960s first youth subculture through a major exhibition at Soft Touch Arts and New Walk Museum. The project was made possible with funding from the National Heritage Lottery and BID Leicester.

Soft Touch Arts, Joe Nixon of Arch Creative and author and curator Shaun Knapp worked together with original Mods and young people to bring the Mods: Shaping a Generation exhibition to life.

The exhibition at New Walk Museum told the story of Mods in Leicester and Nottingham through the words and experiences of those who were there. The exhibition attracted an amazing 35,000 visitors in a two and a half month period, young and old, from Leicester, all parts of the UK and beyond. The accompanying festival – ReVive – ran for the last three weekends of the exhibition with music, exhibitions, scooter rallies and more happening all over Leicester.

Visit the project dedicated website to find out more here



Soft Touch Arts worked with young people  to create the ‘Modified’ exhibition at Soft Touch Arts producing work around themes inspired by Mod Culture. This had the biggest audience for exhibitions in the Soft Touch Gallery to date with over 6,000 visitors.

Five groups of young people worked around the five different themes to make up the exhibition.

Students from New College wrote Mod inspired music tracks which formed the soundtrack of the exhibition. These were recorded by professional musicians. You can hear the tracks here:

Ready When You Are

On the Ocean

Don’t Mess With Me

Dance With Me

Calm It Down Slightly

Blue Tomatoes

A group of individual young people designed and made clothing inspired by Mod culture and designed a shop “Mode’ to display them in.


Students from WQE College designed Mods inspired album covers. Copies of these prints can be bought on the Soft Sell page



Students from Babington Academy made a silent film illustrating quotes by original Mods


And young people from Curve Young Company created a series of dances inspired by conversations with original Mods which they performed at various locations around the city to large, appreciative audiences


Young people also designed T-shirts which were on sale during the exhibition and can still be bought here:







Supported by the National Lottery through the National Heritage Lottery and BID Leicester

Huge thanks to National Lottery players. Their support has made this project possible.