We welcome Giuliana to the team

Hi everyone!

My name is Giuliana and I come from Italy. I have been in Leicester since September 2018, when I started my MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester.  A part of my course consists of 8 weeks of work experience in a museum, gallery or institution, and that’s why I am here at Soft Touch Arts.

Soft Touch Arts appealed to me because of the possibility to be involved in a lively and dynamic environment, taking part in in a range of different projects and activities; and I can tell that my first two weeks has perfectly represented this aspect.

Firstly, my supervisor told me the history of the organisation, illustrating its mission and the projects that it runs, to get a sense of the impact of the work on the community involved. The idea of using art and creative projects to support young people with different backgrounds, to provide opportunities to boost their confidence and skills, is something that resonates very strongly with my own values, and I am excited to contribute to the organisation’s work.

During the placement, my duties are mainly related to the exhibitions of the Creative Enterprise and the UpStart projects, and the evaluation of the Modified exhibition.

Regarding the Creative Enterprise project, I am responsible to create an exhibition plan, so I have started to consult the project documentation and I have attended some meetings to define the outline of the exhibit. In addition, I have joined some sessions in which I’ve met with the young people and seen their works; this has been particularly important to start to think about their experience and how we could tell their story through the exhibition.

For the UpStart project, I am designing the display, during these first two weeks I looked at the artworks and I sketched out a draft of the exhibit. It was nice to play around with my creativity!

As I mentioned before, I am also working at the evaluation of Modified; in this regard, I have created a survey and structured and populated a database, which would help us to analyse the data collected. Moreover, I have conducted interviews with some participants of the project, to get more information about their experience.

Alongside these tasks, I ended up with contributing to the preparation of the UpSTart Creative Day Out activity, cooking for the first time some Mexican green rice (which was a success). I like the idea of challenging myself through doing different things, and I personally found it really fun!

Last and certainly not least, I am happy to be part of the Soft Touch Arts staff, who gave me a nice and warm welcome.

Giuliana will be writing a blog throughout her time with us to document the wonderful work she is doing with us. We are incredibly pleased to have her with us!