Unlocked lockdown project

Prisoners respond to #whatdoeslockdownmean2you

Usual work in HMP Leicester has had to be suspended due to lockdown, but communication continues

Weekly arts sessions in HMP Leicester as a part of the Unlocked project have had to be suspended due to lockdown but work continues. With the support of staff inside the prison weekly art challenges are distributed to each cell, gathered up and returned to Soft Touch who post them on social media.  Comments received are fed back to prisoners creating a link with the outside world.

For the first art challenge we asked prisoners, more used to having their movement restricted than others, for ideas of how people can use their lockdown period productively or help each other.

Responses to the challenge have started to arrive and have also been posted on Twitter #whatdoeslockdownmean2you on Instagram softtoucharts and on Facebook Soft Touch Arts.  Please share and comment.  We are starting to feed back comments to prisoners – these are appreciated and valued, the more we can feed back the better.

The Unlocked 2 exhibition had to be curtailed due to lockdown, you can see aspects of the exhibition here