2020 Vision

You are invited to 2020 Vision


2020 Vision is a virtual art exhibition of our young people’s work created over the course of last year.


This was a challenging period for many of us, but many of our young people have found the difficulties of 2020 especially hard.


Your youth is a time when socialising with peers is at the heart of your world. Many of our best memories from our young lives are, no doubt, those spent with our childhood friends.


Yet this is exactly what has been taken away from many young people who, like the rest of society, have been forced to lockdown and isolate for the majority of 2020.


Despite these challenges, our young people have shown incredible strength and resilience.


They have had the ability to focus on taking each day as it came, whilst also being able to have the foresight to understand how their sacrifices will benefit the  community as a whole.


This is what we believe 2020 Vision in the context of this art exhibition is – the ability to live in the moment, through art, whilst making sacrifices for the future.


That is why we think this years exhibition is a particularly special one. It shows the work carried out by young people who have used their art and spare time as a way to understand everything that has been happening over the course of 2020.


It is a reflection of the year through their eyes and we encourage you to see their 2020 vision for yourself by clicking here – https://www.artsteps.com/view/5ffedba8a5164343fdb6c730?currentUser


We hope you enjoy viewing this as much as our young people enjoyed putting it together.

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