You’re Invited – Our Place Press Release

Arts project, Our Place, celebrate the people and places of the East Midlands in a post lockdown world.

Through seven creative residencies with seven unique community groups, Our Place will bring together the hills of the High Peak to the streets of inner city Leicester, where Ukrainian dance from Derby will share the stage with embellished aprons made in rural Lincolnshire. Through a network of motorways, internet connections and film lenses, we will build connections and share unique talents.

Soft Touch Arts, alongside with six other charities from across the East Midlands has seen over 60 participants working with 22 artists throughout the summer in a series of diverse residencies involving textless, filmmaking, dance, creative writing and music video production.

There will be a live broadcast of the work produced on September the 9th at 6:30 pm which can be accessed via the Our Place website

Managing Director Paul Steele from the leading partner of the Our Place, Junction Arts, Paul Steele says: ‘The project is about connecting people and places. After a hard year of dealing with lock downs and restricted activities, what better way to bring back local communities, by celebrating the people in them and sharing the unique cultures and talents with others.’

‘We know what it feels like to be ‘in this together’ and we’ve taken that feeling of connectedness and built it into a project where people from across three counties are uniting to share what it means to live in a place in this moment and &me’.

Soft Touch Arts are working with communities in Leicester to bring together four young music producers to produce 3 new hip hop videos for the broadcast.

With Director and filmmaker, Chris Bevan, Junction Arts will be curating the work from the 7 residencies into a feature length broadcast. The broadcast will be premiered on Thursday 9th September. You can stay updated by following  Soft Touch on social media @softtoucharts or by visiting the Our Place website

Our Place is only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Soft Touch Arts, in association with six arts organisations from across three counties are thrilled to be taking part in Our Place which showcases the people and places of the East Midlands through the arts. Our Place is a partnership project led by Junction Arts and only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.