Elona’s Blog – Intern

I am an intern as a Project and Events Coordinator at Soft Touch Arts. We use arts, media and music activities as a tool to engage with and change the lives of disadvantaged young people. I help promote and organise events to fundraise for Soft Touch and so far I have developed communication skills with young people and local supporters. I encourage participants to cooperate with refreshing activities such as music projects and exhibitions. My biggest achievement is helping younger people explore their creativity and talent. I have helped portray the young people’s ideas with exhibitions and I am very honoured to witness the evolving work of every individual. 

My time of placement consisted of supporting the marketing director by updating and sharing our event planning schedule with staff volunteers. I took action in prioritising the social media and our website and created and edited marketing materials for events. After being informed about a planned event I initiated several checklists and planning tools to help further audience engagement and ticket sales. This also involved keeping our mailing lists and customer relationship database up to date.

My communication with partners and supporters (both potential and current) has increased abundantly. I have attended external meetings with partners related to the organisation of events and liaise with partners and coordinate tasks associated with the subject. Once an exhibition or event has finished I would write a blog on our website summarising the meaning of our fundraising and how the attendees have helped along with images taken on the day of the affair. The blog then gets shared on our social media for higher audience retention.