Your Festival – An Inclusive Participatory Arts festival 5-6 July ’19

Your festival is an accessible and inclusive arts festival for young people age 10-25 with additional physical and learning needs.

Get inspired in the arts through workshops and performances.


Hi there – Your festival is nearly upon us and all the planning is paying off! We have booked lovely weather, and fabulous activities to take part in all day.

Final details are below: we are doing our best to finalise all the details for the festival, some of these timings may change before Friday…



Most activities will start at around 9:30 – 2:30pm on Friday and 11-5pm on Saturday

Our café is open this Friday and will be run by the wonderful team from Ellesmere Academy –  the menu is below


Photography – There will be a photographer present – if any young person is unable to be photographed or filmed please let us know when you arrive.

First Aid – Our staff are trained in First Aid however, we appreciate that you will be more familiar with the needs of your young people than we are, so, in the event of the need for First Aid it would good if we can work together on this.

Toilets – We have various toilets located around the building, (see map)  with an easy access toilet (with Hoist and Bed) on the ground floor and 1st floor landing (no hoist or bed)

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