Our Impact

Without the security of a happy, stable home it can be hard for children and young people to do well at school and think of a positive future. In Leicester 35% (30,000+) children live in poverty – one of the highest levels of child poverty in England. Children living in poverty or with other barriers to achieving in education are more likely to leave school without 5 good GCSEs, have low aspirations and an uncertain future in terms of finding employment. They’re at increased risk of  having multiple challenges at important transition points in their lives when their more privileged peers are going into further education or finding jobs.

Soft Touch has been using creative projects to engage with and transform the lives of young people in challenging life situations since 1986. Our projects unlock untapped potential and support the development of lifeskills, a sense of purpose and aspiration to do well. We believe it because we’ve seen it happen.

Watch our short film to find out about the impact we have