Current and past projects

Here are some of our current and past projects.

In the summer of 2004, about 200 trees were cut down at a site in Beaumont Leys known as Beaumont Walk, to improve access and visibility as part of the ‘Safe Neighbourhoods' scheme. 

The Shoot! magazine and podcasts are peer education resources about gun and knife crime. Most of the young people who contributed had been involved in these types of crimes themselves, as perpetrators or victims.

Soft Touch and Leicester City Education Department's Individual Learning Centre were awarded partnership funding from Youth Music to run two years of music making activities with excluded pupils.

Wasted was a project which worked with a group of students at risk of exclusion from school. They looked at issues around drugs and alcohol and how these related to juvenile crime – the group members were considered to be at risk of offending.

rokker is a magazine made by Gypsies and Travellers and settled young people. Users of the YMCA's Education to Employment Project in Leicester and Hinckley designed images and wrote a bit about themselves. They thought up questions they wanted to ask young Gypsies and Travellers about their interests…

STRETCH was a three-year programme of arts activities to enable young people who were not engaging in mainstream youth or educational services to progress with personal, social and learning goals.

SoundXchange was a two-year music making programme for hard to reach young people funded through Youth Music. There were two elements – running drop-ins at Soft Touch and working with partners to increase their capacity to offer music making activities.

The Welcome Programme took place at Babington Community Technology College between April 2004 and April 2006 and addressed issues around integration and diversity.

Lady Jane Grey was project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and began in September 2009 with students from Beaumont Leys School, and the finished DVD was distributed to museums and schools in the county as well as the Records Office and selected libraries.

Young people from First Out youth group, based at Leicester Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Centre and NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) created a set of four postcards focusing on racism and homophobia.

We worked with young fathers in Leicester to make a film and booklet designed to raise awareness of young men's involvement in parenting.

Suspect Magazine was been produced by young offenders in and out of prison. The magazine looks at gun, knife and gang crime and is aimed at other young people.

Year 5 pupils at Mellor Community Primary School had plenty of opportunity to get their hands on – and teeth into – lots of fresh fruit and veg as part of the Veg-tastic project.

PIK M3 UP is a magazine produced by and for young people as part of a project jointly developed and run by Soft Touch and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Young Somali people from Leicester talk about their cultural heritage, current situation and future aspirations.

I Came Here: 1939 To Present Day is an oral history DVD which compares experiences, memories and stories of arrival and settlement in Leicester across the generations.

Soft Touch won a tender from the Heritage Lottery Fund HLF) to make a film which encourages other young people to think about what heritiage is, what it means to them and how they can find out more about it.

The Young Roots programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund provided funds for young people from the Highfields neighbourhood to make a DVD about the history of their area.

The Why Leicester? exhibition was put together by young people to share their experiences of living in Leicester – it explores the reasons why they call Leicester home, whether they were born here or came from elsewhere.

Four separate groups of young people in Leicester conceived, storyboarded and shot their films in a single day with the support of filmmakers from participatory arts company Soft Touch Arts. Their films illustrate values such as determination, inspiration, respect and friendship.

Animation Experimentation is run by a group of young people. As a group we are developing an understanding of culture and being yourself – you have to communicate with others and find out more about other people's backgrounds and what they like and dislike, because it's not all about judging others.

The band started as a Soft Touch youth project which fused Samba and Urban music. Lots of young people took part and were introduced to music that they would not normally play or get involved in

The books are designed to encourage students to progress with reading English and all the stories and photos were put together by a group of young people who themselves receive support with English.

In 2011 Soft Touch worked with Mayflower School on a Creative partnerships project. Working around 3 themes of: Space (year 5), the Victorians (year 4) and treasure (year 3).