The City Classroom

The project focused on place based cultural education and sought to build sustainable partnerships between arts, culture and local communities by integrating curriculum activities both in and outside of school.

As a result of five case study examples, The City Classroom has become a model that has the capacity to lead on the development of an area based curriculum, not only to support knowledge based learning but to build pupils’ competencies by involving them in decision making thus shaping their own cultural learning, and improving ambition and motivation of staff and students alike.

The City Classroom is a mechanism by which schools can access culture provision in the City.

The City Classroom Partnership, the consortium behind the initiative, are now connecting with cultural ambassadors within schools to further enhance the model, help to shape the offer and endorse this new approach to cultural education.

With an initial focus on Primary and SEN city schools a strategic approach will be taken in order to enable the arts and Leicester’s varied cultural assets to add value to the learning experience.

The City Classroom will, in future, focus on Being, Becoming, Belonging and creatively connect children and young people through cultural exploration by coordinating an annual education programme delivered in partnership with cultural organisations, education establishments and communities.

Organisations currently involved in The City Classroom Partnership are: The Spark Arts for Children, Soft Touch, Charnwood Arts, Leicester Print Workshop, Attenborough Arts Centre and The Mighty Creatives.